Steven Price - Gravity

Everything is a dream

RQTN - All My Feeling Were Fake

Everything is a dream
Everyone is a dream

The American Dollar - Anything You Synthesize

Everyday is a dream

L'elan Vital - Trying Is the 1st Step Towards Failure

Everyday is a dream
Everynight is a dream

The Seven Mile Journey - Theme For
The Oddmory Philosophies

I am a dream
And your are a dream

The Morningside - The Shadows Of The Past

And it happens
Every time you wish
To get back home
And the only thing've left
With my blessed sorrow
The shadows of the past
My endless damnation being alone

Mono - Follow The Map

Dream is the beacon
which lights up your way when you get lost in the dark
Dream is the bay
which gives you a warm hug after going through a storm
Dream is the fruit
which you won't get until you pay enough efforts

Mogwai - I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead

Love is a dream