She & Him - Turn to White

Sometimes, oh sometimes
I think I could fade away
In the light, oh the light
Of an ever sunny day
But I'm stronger than the picture that you took before you left
In the light it faded to white
In the light the colors turn to white

Bitter:Sweet - Bittersweet Faith

Oh, we're moving in the right direction
Word is faith and faith has emerged a shame
Half us was a beauty of perfection
And going on, I want to do is stay

Di Johnston - You're Too Pretty

All it really took was a look from across the room
I caught your eye and I knew I was doomed
To fall deeply for the idea of you and me
Together could I ever make this dream come true?

Late Night Alumni - Moonwalking

Moon walking, the stars have eyes
Open even when the sun is high
Moon bathing, in space not time
I might need you when I'm out of light

Camera Obscura - Tears for Affairs

Shedding tears for affairs
I'm a funny little thing
I can tell you this for nothing
Affairs don't win

Can you handle one more dirty secret one more dirty night
Is it true what they say
Will it make us go blind

Jojo Effect - Volcano

No one remembers Maria
"has she been there too?"
When everybody's talking
she just listens and keeps quiet
She stands at the edge
and watches when everybody's dancing
With a faint smile upon her face
she stands there and keeps still

Olivia Broadfield - Safe

Oceans apart, it keeps on breaking my heart
And there's nothing I can do about it
This ache inside it keeps on breaking my stride

And I just want to keep you safe
In my arms tonight

Hillton FM - Easy Living