Athletics - III

Now all I've left to give is the piece that still remains
and you bring the pieces back
Love, it only reconstructs the pai
As time fails to elapse
I'm finding you were everything to me
Now my future and my past are ending tragically the same

As the Stars Fall-No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Ray : If I do something wrong, it's because God didn't give me the grace to do what's right. If this world stinks, it's his fault. I'm only working with what I've been given.
Jean : Is that why the people they find with the bullet holes in their skulls is God's fault? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Ray : I'm ashamed of nothing. I didn't make the world.
Jean : But you're not doing anything to make it better.
Ray : Yeah, and I'll roast in hell.

Arktika - The Living Receiver

I am happy is something I haven't said in a while.
Everything I lost,
I found it in you.

This Will Destroy You - Quiet

Arrange - Worked Hands

Stab me right here
I stab me right here
My discomfort's fear
That you wont have the strength to pull it out when I near

The Calm Blue Sea - To Approach The Vivian Girls

Find someone to play without a doubt.
I doubt,
I doubt.

Find someone to wait lay them down.
I doubt,

Ólafur Arnalds;Arnor Dan - For Now I Am Winter

For now I am winter,
long step you.
For now I am winter,
long step you.
For now I am winter,
long step you.

Dvalà - You will always be alone